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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are the answers to the most frequent questions that our clients have asked us.

With respect to questions on topics of the Residence Regulations (Admission Bases, Regulations …) we offer you a shorter and colloquial answer about any possible questions you may have, but it is in these documents where the information is more exact and concrete.

If you can’t find any questions you are interested in asking, contact us at our Contact section or on the phone number 917753042

We have ordered the questions by 4 thematic blocks to make it easier for you to read:






1. How to make a pre-registration request for the academic year?

On our website go to this link: Place reservation

It is essential that you fill in all the information requested: personal, academic and reservation details of the place, being essential that you indicate the dates of stay you are requesting and the type of room, since without these data your request will not be taken into account.

However, it is very important that before applying for registration, you carefully read the Documentation on the Rules for Admission Bases, Internal Regime Regulations and Contract, so that you know exactly the conditions, rights and obligations that you have as a Resident of the Residence.

Once the Admission process is closed, you will be sent an Admission letter and it will indicate how you should proceed to confirm the reservation of your place. The deadlines that we will give you will be quite tight so that you confirm the place, in the event that you do not meet them, the place will be granted to another person who is on the waiting list.

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2. Is it essential to attach all the documentation that is requested when formalizing the registration at the residence?

Yes, it is absolutely essential to attach all the requested documentation. Otherwise, you will be automatically excluded from the call for places. The documentation must be sent by email, once your email arrives with all the requested documentation we will respond to the same email if everything is correct.

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3. What is the selection process?

The allocation of student places will be carried out taking into account the scale established in the Admission Bases of the corresponding course, based on criteria such as belonging to the Rey Juan Carlos University, large family, academic record and time of stay. It will also be assessed if you have siblings already living in the residence, the seniority of the student and their disciplinary record in the residence and university.

The Admission and Management Commission may collect as much information as it deems necessary for the verification of the documentation provided and for the best evaluation of the applications submitted and subsequent granting of places.

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4. Can I choose a room?

You can mark your preferences, but they are assigned by the Director of the Residence according to the list of allocation of places and the preferences marked in the Registration Bulletin. Old residents have priority over new ones.

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5. If I request a place in a double room, can I choose who I want to share it with?

You can indicate the name of the person with whom you would like to share a room. Otherwise we have an application, a compatibility test that you must perform during the month of August, before joining the Residence.

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6. I am a foreigner and do not have a current account number in Spain. How can I open an account from here?

Once you arrive in Spain we will inform you of the financial entities where you can open it.

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7. Can I go visit the residence?

Yes, but before you must contact the staff directly by e-mail to arrange a visit. On the website or in the residence registration form you will find the contact details of the residence.

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8. Can I enroll in the residence if I am not going to study at the URJC in Madrid?

URJC students have priority over other students, but students from other universities or centers are also admitted.

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9. Can you assure me that I will have a place at the residence, if I complete the registration form and attach all the documentation within the indicated period?

The confirmation of place is obtained when the list of admitted is published in the middle of July approximately.

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10. How will I know that I have been admitted?

If you are admitted, you will receive a formal letter of admission in which your final confirmation will be requested by paying the Additional Guarantee of € 500 for which you will have a period of a few days. Subsequently, in the month of August the payment of the Deposit + the 1st month of your stay will be requested.

You will sign the Accommodation Contract the first day that you are going to stay at the Residence.

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11. What date and what hours can you enter the residence once I have been admitted?

From the day the contract begins, prior notice to the Residence by email of the day of arrival.

Can it be on the weekend?

You can enter the weekend always announcing the arrival at the Residence.

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12. Does the monthly price include everything?

The price of the Residence consists of accommodation, a package of Complementary services.

Prices person/month. Accommodation includes: accommodation, use of common areas, 24-hour concierge service, cleaning of common areas, building maintenance, consumption of electricity, water and gas in common areas.

Complementary Services includes: delivery of bed and bath linen, weekly cleaning of the room, weekly change of bed and bath linen, internet via individual Wi-Fi in each room and WI-FI in common areas, half-board service, to choose between lunches or dinners, technical maintenance of the rooms (except negligent use), kitchen utensils, household appliances (coffee maker, microwave, refrigerator with freezer, etc.)

Telephone calls made outside the building or personal laundry are not included.

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13. I want to opt for a double room. Is the price that appears on the website per person or per room?

The prices indicated are always per person/month. In other words, the double room and the apartment will be occupied by 2 people who will each pay the price per person indicated in the rates. In the case of a Single Room, the accommodation will be occupied by one person and the indicated rate is also price per person.

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14. I will reside less time than an academic year, what should I do?

The Residence offers you the possibility of requesting the stay that suits you best, depending on the stay you are going to do, for this you must indicate in the Bulletin the dates on which you want to stay.

Keep in mind that the Residence gives preference to requests that request your stay for a Full Course, 10 months.

For stays of less than 6 months, full payment of the stay may be requested.

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15.What happens if I leave the residence in the middle of the course and I am not the 10 months (full course stay) that I requested at the beginning?

In that case, you must give 2 months’ notice prior to your departure as indicated in the contract, if those 2 monthly payments will not be due.

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16. What is the additional guarantee and the deposit?

The additional guarantee is a security deposit (500 Euros) that must be paid before entering the residence and that is returned two months after the date of departure. Any damage that may be in the room will be deducted from this deposit once the inventory and revision of the room have been carried out.

The deposit is paid with the first monthly payment and ranges between 200 and 300 euros depending on the type of room and is returned two months after the departure date.

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17. What does the settlement consist of?

The settlement of the additional security deposit is an administrative process that is carried out when you leave the room, after the end of the accommodation contract.

After carrying out the inventory with the person in charge of the residence and checking the condition of the room, any damage that remains will be deducted from the guarantee deposit.

If you decide to renew the next course, you only have to pay the regularization of the deposit.

If you do not renew the next course, the resulting amount will be returned to you after settlement.

And remember: we all like to find rooms clean and in good repair. If you give us your room as you found it, more money can be returned to you at the end of your stay.

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18. When leaving the residence, how long does it take to return the deposit?

The additional guarantee deposit is returned two months from the date of departure from the residence, provided there are no damages or non-payments.

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19. If the additional security deposit is returned at the end of the stay, should I not pay the last months of the contract?

The additional guarantee is a guarantee deposit and cannot be used to pay any monthly payment, so they must be paid every month indicated in the contract as established in it.

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20. I am a foreign student and I have questions about how to make the payments: How should I pay the deposit of the Deposit and the monthly payment of the accommodation?

If you are admitted to the residence you must pay the deposit of the additional guarantee, the deposit and the first quarter of your accommodation by bank transfer to the account number of the residence.

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21. How are the monthly payments paid?

The monthly payments will be paid quarterly except for the first month, between days 1 and 5, by direct debit, charged to the account that you indicate through the authorization form that you must fill out when signing your accommodation contract. The first month must be paid by the resident by deposit or bank transfer within the indicated period. Students not resident in Spain must open a current account in Spain for direct debit of the monthly payments. The payment schedule is as follows:

  • Until August 25: Income or transfer of the resident: September monthly-administration costs (€ 40), activities (€ 25) and deposit (Between 200 and 300 Euros depending on the type of assigned room)
  • In the case of double rooms, a compatibility study will be billed to match the residents. The test will be carried out by residents once accepted and will serve to match applicants with the greatest possible compatibility between them. This study has already been tested in previous courses with excellent coexistence results. The cost of the service is € 40, and is carried out by an external company.
  • 1-5 of each month the corresponding monthly payment will be invoiced in advance by direct debit.

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22. Does the monthly price include water and electricity supplies?

No, to promote energy savings in the building, the consumption of energy supplies for which there are individualized meters, which are cold water, hot water and electricity, will be re-billed. The payment of these supplies will be paid to months expired as follows: January: September, October and November consumption; April: December, January and February consumption; June: March, April and May consumption; July: June consumption.

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23. Why if I arrive on the 10th of the first month that I stay and I leave on the 24th of the last month that I am, do I have to pay every full month?

The Residences, and in this case the José Pérez de Vargas Residence Hall, offer rates based on the needs of their clients, which are those of staying for a long season in a place close to where they are going to study or work.

That is why reservations in this type of accommodation are not for days as in a Hotel, but for long stays that last several months. And for this reason if you reserve your room for the month of September, the Residence cannot have said room in that month because we do not market the rooms for days.

And in the same way that if you leave a few days before the end of the last calendar month of your stay, the Residence has not been able to market said room, because said room is intended for the type of room/client that is staying during the Course and once you leave, it will not be able to be used by any person in this type of Regime because the Course has ended or is about to end.

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24. Is there Internet connection in the room or in the building?

All rooms have a Wi-Fi router with a personalized password. In addition, in the public areas of the building there is an open Wi-Fi connection.

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25. Is there a TV in the room?

The room does not have a TV.

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26. Does the room have a telephone? And how does the telephone service work?

Yes, all rooms have their own telephone connected to the switchboard of the building that allows access to the telephone network. Receiving calls from abroad and internal calls are free.

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27. Do the rooms have an iron and ironing boards and cleaning materials in addition to the cleaning that the Residence offers to the Residents?

There is a loan service for ironing board and iron, mop and bucket at the reception of the Residence, which must be returned to reception once used.

The rooms have a broom, dustpan.

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28. If something breaks, who can fix it?

In the residence we offer maintenance service. You just have to notify it in administration and they will fix it as soon as possible. It should be borne in mind that the Residence will not charge anything for that service if what has been damaged has been due to a normal use of said element, in cases of misuse and vandalism the Resident must pay said arrangement.

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29. Is there a garbage collection service?

Yes, along with the weekly cleaning of the room, the existing trash in the organic bins will be removed. The plastics, cardboard and glass, and the excess garbage that is generated should be taken to the recycling container by each resident. For them there are containers at the door of the Residence.

We remind you that the garbage generates bad odors and can attract insects, so it may be punishable for the abandonment of bags in corridors, room doors, etc …

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30. Is there a cafeteria – dining room in the residence hall?

The Residence has a cafeteria, open during the day from Monday to Friday.

We also have a dining room where our residents gather to eat.

The hours are as follows:

Lunch from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Dinner from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

We have two services to choose from, full board and half board.

The Full Board includes lunch and dinner, from Monday to Sunday, except for the holiday periods stipulated by the academic calendar.

The Half Board includes lunch or dinner, from Monday to Sunday, except for the vacation periods stipulated by the academic calendar. Students who opt for this service must choose between the lunch or dinner service, and may change their choice at the semester change (January) with a 2-month notice. Half board for meals is included in the price of complementary services.

The chosen service will be the one included in the Request Sheet and must be maintained for the entire stay. Only changes due to force majeure will be attended.

The conditions and prices will be offered at the beginning of the call for places.

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31. Is there a room cleaning service?

The price includes weekly cleaning of the room, weekly change of bed and bath linen.

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32. Is the residence mixed?

Yes, it is mixed.

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33. Are there entry and exit times?

No, the student has a key to the main door and to their room.

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34. What do I have to bring to start living in the residence?

In principle the rooms are prepared to enter to live without needing anything else. Don’t forget to bring your personal cleaning supplies!

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35. Can you smoke in the Residence?

No, smoking is not allowed inside the building, nor in the rooms, as indicated by current legislation.

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36. Can a friend come to study or eat at the residence?

Residents may be visited by relatives, colleagues or friends from outside the residence, as long as they are responsible for their behavior. Visits should be directed to the staff of the residence to identify themselves, register and request the presence of the person they wish to see, and the person must appear at the reception to take charge of the visitor. In no case should visitors stay at the residence after 22:00, in case of not communicating the departure before this time, it will be understood that the visit has spent the night at the residence and the resident could be penalized.

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37. And can family or friends stay to sleep with me in my room?

No, the rooms are intended for the number of people staying in it, as indicated in the contract. In Single room: one person and in Double Room: two people.

The maximum capacity of the Residence is the maximum number of beds available and this amount cannot be exceeded in any case, with no extra beds being allowed.

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38. Is the residence well connected by public transport?

The José Pérez de Vargas Residence Hall is located within the URJC Vicálvaro campus, next to line 9 of the Vicálvaro metro station.

Besides you have several buses with stops in the area.

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39. Are there sports centers nearby?

Vicálvaro has several gyms near the residence, in addition to 2 municipal sports centers.

The residence itself carries out sports activities included in the compulsory annual activity fee (25 Euros) for residents who wish to sign up.

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40. Are there shops near the residence?

You have numerous shops near the residence and a small shopping center outside the campus.

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41. Where do I have to go if I need healthcare?

The Health Center that covers the Residence is in Vicálvaro, just 5 minutes away on foot, at Paseo de los Artilleros, 31 (917768011) and is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

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42. Are there hazing?

No, hazing is prohibited by law and by the rules contained in the internal regulations of the residence. Hazing is grounds for expulsion from the residence.

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43. Would there be any possibility of hosting a pet?

No, animals are not accepted in the residence. Except the case in which the Resident is blind and needs the help of a guide dog.

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44. Where do you hang clothes?

The Residence has a laundry room with self-washing machines and dryers, it costs € 2.50 a washing and € 1.50 a drying.

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45. Does the residence provide sheets and towels?

The cleaning service includes the weekly replacement of bed and bath linen (sheets and towels)

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46. Can I bring a HI-FI kit?

Yes, you can have your own radio or audiovisual equipment in your room. You can use them as long as you do not disturb other colleagues. Its use is regulated in the Internal Regime Regulation.

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47. Are there microwaves in the rooms?


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48. Can I remove the furniture that I will not use from the room?


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49. Does the residence close during vacation periods?

No, it remains open all year.

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50. Can I stay at the residence during the Christmas and Easter holidays?

Since the residence does not close at any time of the year, you can stay in it for the entire duration of your contract. However, keep in mind that during the holiday periods there will be no catering service.

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51. ¿Dispone la residencia de algún lugar donde dejar cosas en verano?

Si,Una vez solicitada la renovación de plaza, la Residencia os indicará donde almacenar vuestros enseres personales durante el verano.

El precio de este servicio dependerá de las maletas y cajas embaladas.

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52. Are there entry and exit times? Does the residence close at any time?

The residence is open 24 hours a day, so there are no entry and exit times. The resident has his own access card to the building and to his room.

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53. Do I have to give the Card/key every time I leave the residence or on the weekend?

No, it is not allowed.

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54. Is the residence adapted for people with disabilities?

Yes, the residence is adapted so that anyone with a disability can access. In addition, it has 8 rooms adapted for people with disabilities.

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